What are the rules for posting about things not directly related to Bitcoin or it's ecosystem (I try to avoid the C word, lol). Like If I wanted to post something like this: https://phys.org/news/2021-09-dark-energy-scientists-possibility.html

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tbh imho I don't know the right answer.

Answering your question with a question: Would you visit the site more or less if the front page was full of non-Bitcoin stories?

We'll definitely intentionally expand into non-Bitcoin content with substackers/reddits (I have SO many ideas for these ... e.g. configurable Sybil resistance), but IME I mostly have a hard time finding deep, thought-provoking articles/discussions about Bitcoin right now. It's one of the main differentiators/value props this site has currently I think.

Sidebar: Perhaps I should pull a Satoshi and not really participate in these discussions at some point. You all should decide what you want. The only benefit to me being part of them is that I've maybe been thinking about these things a little longer.

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I love what you're doing and how you're approaching it. For what it's worth I was wondering how difficult it would be to have say a browser plugin that would notify you when viewing a page already posted here, so you could tip/boost that post with one click. I'm guessing the constant querying (checking if a page is posted here) would be a problem but one might download a set of hashes initially, which for 100,000 posts would be about 2 mb in size. You could also make querying some API cost some sats or millisats. You may also want to constrain the urls posted to their simplest form to avoid duplicates. Just some lazy thoughts from my armchair at this point. Very much enjoying the site :)

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That's a really interesting idea. I know HN has a bookmarklet that lets you not have to come to the site if you want to post content as you're browsing the web.

I also don't suspect the querying would be a problem. Most web app problems are IO bound and so long as you're using web servers that support async IO, it's unlikely to be a huge issue except at massive scale - but even then you just throw more servers at the problem as it scales in a linear fashion.

And should scale still be an issue, hopefully the site will be decentralized by then and some of us will prefer to query our home node.

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I like the idea of letting the market logic of the ranking system decide what stories might be interesting to me whatever the subject. I'm also interested to see how it would play out in terms of incentives, whether it effectively renders spam cost-prohibitive and other ways it prevents the spreading of information from being gamed by actors with a lot of resources.

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I think this site can be a beautiful example of how the market provides.

Call it Stacker News... infuse it with a design that's inspired by Bitcoin and Lightning... have it function by users connecting through lightning and spending sats to tip/boost/post/etc... and the content that rises to the top will speak for itself.

We'll see what happens -- but something tells me it won't involve spammers shilling shitcoins 😂.

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I think SN should be focused on bitcoin only; I'd rather have high signal-to-noise ratio. Depth far outweighs Breadth in terms of content (especially early-stage communities)

Perhaps once SN grows, it can have it's own subreddits but, until then, I suggest it stays focused on Bitcoin