Hello Lightning community,
I'm thrilled to introduce FlashSats, a new LSP (Lightning Service Provider) service dedicated to simplifying and streamlining the channel purchasing experience for lightning node runners. We understand the intricacies of the Lightning Network and the importance of robust channel connectivity. With FlashSats, we aim to bring an efficient and reliable solution to the table.
Why FlashSats?
Hosted at, FlashSats offers node runners the opportunity to purchase channels with ease. Our platform stands out not just for its streamlined interface, but also for its transparent and competitive pricing structure. We charge a 2% APY along with a nominal opening fee, ensuring that our services remain accessible to the broader community.
How to Use FlashSats:
Navigating FlashSats and purchasing a channel is designed to be intuitive. Here's a quick guide on how to use our interactive UI:
  1. Provide Connection Information: Start by entering your node_connection_info and specifying the desired size of the channel you wish to purchase.
  2. Submit Your Request: Once you submit the necessary information, our service will generate a bolt11 invoice tailored to your requirements.
  3. Make the Payment: Simply pay the provided bolt11 invoice. Upon successful payment, FlashSats will immediately initiate the process to open the channel.
  4. Track Your Order: Curious about the status of your channel opening? Use our /order/{order_id} API endpoint to keep track of the transaction progress.
In Conclusion:
We're incredibly excited about the possibilities that FlashSats brings to the Lightning Network ecosystem. Our mission is to empower node runners, making it easier than ever to establish and manage channel connections. Give FlashSats a try and let our platform simplify your Lightning Network experience.
Are you also offering channels for private nodes like Blixt, Breez, Electrum ? Those have a special treatment and use than public ones, but also are in very need of good LSPs. Here is a list where you can also offer your LSP to them if you are interested:
Yes, the LSP supports unannounced/private channels. If you set announce_channel: false in the channel request, the LSP will open an unannounced channel with you.
{ "node_connection_info": "string", "lsp_balance_sats": 50000000, "client_balance_sats": 0, "confirms_within_blocks": 6, "channel_expiry_blocks": 12288, >> "announce_channel": false }
What's the forwarding rates?
I use charge-lnd to set the rate. It is between 50 to 200 ppm at the moment. I am considering a new feature that allows people to pay points (like mortgage points) to get a zero-rate channel.
[small-cap] chan.max_capacity = 50_000_000 strategy = proportional max_fee_ppm = 200 min_fee_ppm = 50 sum_peer_chans = true
Very Nice. API calls appear simply enough.
In is Max channel size value dynamically set?
Will it go down as your LSP bitcoin wallet amount is used up in creating lightning channels?
FlashSats mostly follows the proposed LSP standard:
The LSP standard would allow buyers to compare rates charged by different LSP providers. This channel/info API would give buyers a basic understanding of the offering. The values are static.
There are three channel sizes here
  1. lsp_balance: initial sats on my side.
  2. client_balance: initial sats on your side.
  3. channel_balance: (lsp_balance + client_balance).
The max_client_balance_sats is set to zero because I do not want to push sats to the other end for security reasons. I doubt I will ever change that. You can ignore 3
Instead of pushing sats to the client side, I am open to implementing the dual-fund-channel feature where customers will provide PSBT for the dual-fund-channel.