President @FA_Touadera has two PhD in mathematics, one from France and the other from Cameroon. So adoption of #Bitcoin as legal tender is very much in keeping with his area of academic expertise.

Wish them the best.

Hope to visit CAR in the not too distant future

There was another, later, post here on SN for this Tweet:

CAR's presidential Twitter account on "Why Bitcoin"

Assuming President Touadera has good intentions and the power to push through such legislation in his country, there are many drawbacks in this country's adoption that El Salvador doesn't have:

  1. CAR has a smaller population than ES by 2 million people.
  2. Those people aren't as likely to have a smartphone.
  3. France basically acts as CAR's central bank because it uses the CFA as legal tender. France's central bank isn't going to sit this fight out like El Salvador's is.
  4. At least so far, Touadera hasn't made a 'bitcoin law' with proper planning to implement a new legal tender. ES even made a 20 million dollar convertibility fund to assist with that.
  5. CAR would need some kind of wallet in French approved by the government, their version of the Chivo.
  6. CAR is never going to get many tourists like ES does. It's just not a beautiful vacation destination, plain & simple.
  7. Technically it doesn't even sound like this is official legal tender, (money that must be accepted by everyone) just legal for use as a currency. LOTS of nations allow bitcoin to be used legally already.

I wish them the best of luck, but that's going to be a major uphill battle. Let's see if Touadera can at least come through with some real legislation like ES did.

Check out the video on another Tweet of his:

The fact that all of you have turned your attention toward us, encouraging & motivating us, but at the same time obliges us to continue our mission. Merci beaucoup! #RCA #bitcoin #legaltender #BTC 2/2

Here's another post, here on SN, with content from the BBC:

🎧 Focus on Africa - CAR adopts Bitcoin as legal tender | BBC Sounds

Here's another post, here on SN, with additional information about The Central African Republic's adoption of bitcoin:

Central African Republic Launches Legal Framework For Economic Use Of Bitcoin | Bitcoin Magazine

The account might we fake.

The account had been posting CAR state-level posts for a month prior. Not a guarantee it isn't fake though, but just FYI.