Not a content creator so can't tell about possible interest from the community.

However, I'd put the prices in sats rather than BTC. People familiar with micropayments usually use sats, i think. Or a button to toggle between both.

Good luck!


I think prices will remain at 200 sats. (Hence 2 bit hits)

We all know where BTC is going...


Just had to Rhyme

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I like the style of the site. However the play and volume button are not properly aligned - in firefox and Brave browser

Thanks, I'll look into it

Looks pretty tight man. I could def see me buying a track in future if I get my content arse into gear. And my lightning node finished!


yeah at this stage its just a hobby project. My skills are in making music, so need to either learn more about websites or get some help

i like the idea of the site. ping me if you wanna talk about webdev things.

Very cool idea for a site! This is just personal taste, but I'm not a big fan of how it looks. A bit too flashy and loud for my blood lol.

Just want some feedback on the website I've been working on.

Just some short music tracks for content creators.

Do you think any bitcoiners would use something like this?

Appreciate any feedback


Billing name is a required field. Billing Email address is a required field.

Is it truly necessary to collect those?

Thanks, I thought it wasn't

I'll have to fix

Is the duration of the track shown anywhere, before purchase?

No, but you can listen with the watermark. After purchasing you get the removed watermark