Lend at HodlHodl is a non-custodial method for borrowing stablecoins (e.g., USDT/Tether). Your bitcoin collateral is locked in a multisig smart contract until you repay.

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Website: https://Lend.HodlHodl.com

It's a simple rule." "Not your keys, not your bitcoin." -- Andreas Antonopolous

It's been a while since a large "trusted" bitcoin exchange got "hacked" or otherwise became insolvent. When's the last time Bitcoin Twitter was filled with Tweets that simply read: SFYL?

But that doesn't mean these exchanges are getting any safer.

A guy i know personally just paid off a bitcoin back loan value was many BTC paid off a week ago,asked to have the #Bitcoin snt to his cold storage address..he's still waiting, and this a reputable company in the USA.I didn't sign an NDA here. IS #BTC ON EXCHANGES REALLY THERE?! Telegram chat [Larger image]


My guess might be around 1 million

BTW make sure to take your BTC off the exchange & into your control