my stack just doubled!! not drawning, sharing.

that means kyc is coming 🫒

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I'm only going to KYC people who tell me what I plan on doing. πŸ‘‹


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In all seriousness, I like Zebedee's KYC model: below 250k sats in the wallet it's KYC-free. Maybe we'll figure out a decent non-custodial UX before then though.

i wondered if using the pub key method in value4value would work to just have sats move peer to peer

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It's a clean UX for receiving, for sure.

But what if the payment fails after you hit the tip button? What if you navigate away from the page before I can tell you it failed? What if the receiving user's node is offline?

There's also the issue of spending limits. If you connect SN to your node, you don't want SN to be able to spend all your money. AFAIK node permissions are not granular yet. We'd have to connect to an lnbits instance or something to get decent granularity.

Anyway, I don't expect you to have the answers. I only mean to demonstrate it's non-trivial to provide a good non-custodial UX for a product like SN.

Custodial is just fine for the sats received and used on SN. People are so obsessed with having all "non-custodial" but in the meantime they still use a bank account. Fucking hell, why they forget that?

wouldnt be a surprise if we see that kind of requeriment, you know, terrorism and that stuff.

So, the sats distributed out are fully covered by the incoming sats from job postings? Or is some own capital used for that? Just curious, no need to share if not opportune at this point ;)

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No outside capital is used. It's all from ~jobs, boost, and posting/comment fees

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Glad to be apart of it and I'll keep coming back for more!

KYC comming ? i see the graph its interessting