Why people cheer up immediately to ALL that Jack is tweeting? reacher.me is just another "paypal" for your emails. Could be even a data gathering system, that READ ALL your emails. Jack didn't "innovate" something here, just put another intermediary on top of your intermediary of your emails. LOL

Also this system is flawed. It works ONLY first time with a spammer. Once you reply with your real email, the spammer can see your server, header, real email, IP from where was sent.

This reacher.me works only if you have a dumb gmail account, but not for your real business email.

I have my own email server, email domain, self hosted, self managed. NO ONE is intercepting my own emails. Then I create 2 simple lists: whitelist and blacklist.

If a sender is not in the whitelist (usually known friends, clients, business stuff), my server will reply with a standard "#5.7.1 smtp; 550 5.7.1 Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering" a NDR message indicating that in order to send a spam to that email address, have to pay x amount of sats to LN address, LNURL or LN invoice (and followed by indication how to pay).

Done, no more spam. Who pays, will be added into whitelist.

What would be REALLY interesting to see is a SMTP email system that have integrated LN Address. Each email/message will be paid message. NO MORE SPAM then.

Seems like people are confusing all the hackathon projects that we're building. These apps (Reacher, PlebPay, dono.at, etc.) are not official Strike apps. We have an ongoing internal hackathon going on. Purpose is to build things with the Strike API to find bugs, improve documentation, request features, and put ideas out into the world before we open up the API to everyone. The projects are open source so that people can take the idea and modify it however they want.

Nobody is against building new stuff. Keep building, we are just critics.

Reacher wouldn't work anyways.

Because people will hate getting the reply message with the invoice, they will mark it as spam. Then after enough of this happens google and the blacklist services will treat messages from reacher.com as being spam -- right to the spam folder.

As you mention,... for this to work it would require a change to the SMTP protocol to be effective. That could be done. No idea if it ever will. Reacher is not the solution though.

Exactly that. I notice also that google start blacklisting a lot of IPs/domains. I had to make some mumbo jumbo with their anti-spam filter to whitelist my IP. (DKIM, SPF, signatures from their google serves etc)

Is fucking crazy, they really push people into using the fucking gmail.