Thanks for the explain. Especially about using newly generated nostr keys per session. Makes total sense. I'm keen to dive in.
It doesn't have to be a coinbase output right, could trade for any (dirty) utxo right?
We will probably add a "certified pre-owned" section where regular people can sell not-new utxos
It might be useful if someone who doesn't think they have the time or skill to use coinjoins still wants to have some coinjoined utxos
They can just purchase them instead of doing an actual coinjoin themselves
This should use less block space than coinjoin. Also, no coordinator fees.
However, the history of a not-new utxo is preserved, unlike coinjoin.
But there is still value in trading for a utxo with different history as opposed to no history, or obfuscated history. Especially if its more space efficient than alternative trustless swaps.
Agreed. I have been looking for a way to trustlessly swap doxxic UTXOs for a long time.
I already call this "SwapDox" when I explain the tool that I am looking for.
today I added a section where you can sell your toxic change:
I know the interface is a mess but give it time! I'm working on it
Awesome work. I have been looking for this exact feature for years so I am really looking forward to experimenting with this.
Miners don't know how badly they need this. When this becomes widespread, pleb miners will be doing much better than they are now.