Private key insurance is one of the sectors I've been keeping a close eye on. Nunchuk Byzantine, AnchorWatch (recent SN AMA), LockedBTC, etc. leverage miniscripts for collaborative custody, inheritance planning, etc.
It's breaking down the Unchained's or Casa's of the bitcoin space into more independent advisory models, and clients still retain full control of their keys.
What Bitcoin companies or business models are you looking for that don't seem to be out there yet, or are just getting started?
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I think that "signer-as-a-service" could be interesting. For example, a service could agree to sign requests based on contractual conditions, like pending a video conference with the user or a death certificate/inheritance.
These could be used in combination with miniscript to get the best combination of on- and off-chain security.
I imagine they could charge a one-time setup fee and then per signature, but perhaps just a subscription fee.
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This is a great question but it's so hard to answer.
Most people don't consider them companies yet but I think non-custodial wallets are going to just keep getting better and become portals to all kinds of sat-powered services that would otherwise have wallets built-in. Splicing+LSP is a huge UX upgrade.
Breeze, always ahead, has had this vision for years. I think it will be possible soon.
I'm building a Bitcoin insurance company at AnchorWatch, happy to connect if you want to learn more!