I don't think I have an original catalyst since it was more about curiosity and having a need to pay for something in bitcoin.
Andreas opened my eyes a little bit to the potential, but the one who really got me to think deeply on the subject was Robert Breedlove. It was that interview on Lex's podcast 3 years ago that worked in monetary history and Austrian economics, and just got me thinking of how broken our current system really was. Then getting Saylor to ramble for hours was my first look at a legit Rabbit Hole (someone else's journey). Even though Breedlove really didn't say much in that series, I think that it was just the quality and pace of new content that kept on scratching that itch. Sure maxis shit on both those guys but it's hard to argue that they haven't exposed large numbers of people to bitcoin and the fiat scam.
I still listen to the WiM pod maybe once a week. He's a lot more interesting when he's being interviewed. Check out WiM365 from last week. Absolutely crushed it.
Interesting! Nice