I think it depends on your situation and location (or threat model). Without travelling I agree, and thanks to my location singlesig was enough. Now what happens in a more adverserial environment? Multisig makes sense to manage keys with trusted people against loss of property. In this situation multisig can be like encrypting a disk: prevent the worst case scenario in case of loss, even if this loss may never happen. I don't drink alcohol so I don't care but I have heard people drinking and losing their work computer. I had a friend recently coerced with a gun to give his phone, it could happen with a hardware wallet as well (even though it is unlikely).
only the weak will give up their keys... bitcoin-or-nothing.jpg
Bitcoin is a natural selection:
  • not for the weak
  • only the brave
I see. To be fair the decoy with Trezor is good AFAIK and there is also a self-destruction after entering a wrong pin too much times with the coldcard.