If one couldn't afford to buy hardware wallet right now
Which best security alternative similar in terms of hardware wallet
Using old phone as a hardware wallet or using old laptop as a hardware wallet??
Please this is important there are so many people can't have hardware wallet because of where they based.
Did you read the "famous" guides of Darth? Are all for you, for free, forever.
... and many more (over 60) on the same substack. Enjoy!
Hi Darth, l went through your guides its outstanding way of securing BTC. I just have a bench of questions
1- Do l really need another USB flash to make another copy of my wallet isn't enough the backup file??
2- in case USB get physical attacked how my money supposed to be safe??
Thank you so much
  1. Always is good to have a copy of the copy. It doesn't matter in what format is that backup.
  2. What do you mean "physical attack"? destroyed? Go to point 1.
In one USB you can have multiple wallets for example. Pay attention to the details of those guides. Multiple wallets, with multiple amounts. Multiple wallets in multiple USBs or whatever backup method. In each wallet use multiple UTXOs, with multiple amounts, ready to spend for each specific situation. Example: you will not spend a UTXO of 1BTC for paying 100k sats from it. Search for a UTXO more appropriate of that amount you want to spend and try to spend it all. Do not keep everything you have in only one big UTXO and in only one walte! That's stupid.
As I said: be your own bank - THINK LIKE A BANK.
Cool cool thank you so much appreciate your support and one last questions
3- if l want to spend bitcoin from USB drive cold wallet how l am gonna do that??
4- what best option to create watch only wallet A or B??
Follow this guide and you're golden. I know a lot of people say its too much, I think they misunderstand the paradigm of Liana-esk style wallets we could be entering: https://glacierprotocol.org/
Depends on your use case. Do you want a wallet for cold storage? In that case a simple set of washers could do the trick https://www.econoalchemist.com/post/backup
If it is a hot wallet, then you could use an old pc/notbook and make it a dedicated hard wallet. There are guides on how to do this using Tails, a very privacy focus OS.
I think @DarthCoin's guides are great but also checkout SeedSigner. Doesn't get enough attention for the awesome project it is. Even if you CAN afford a hardware wallet give it a look.
Seedsigner. Coldwallets that record your key are not a good choice. Non of the cold wallet manufacturers own their full supply chain, meaning they are not chip foundries and even if they were there is always that employee that may be compromised or is angry for some reason. An attack vector is always possible.
The free alternative if you need to hold sats for a while is to use a cold wallet. You can create it on a computer that is completely offline and booting from a usb drive with something like Tails and install Sparrow wallet there. This is good for a cold storage. If you want to make a lot of transactions with a cold wallet, then you should save for a hardware wallet, only for the convenience.