I like P2P, I used P2P. But then I said, what the fuck, I don't need to buy anymore bitcoins, I can just EARN THEM.
So that I did, years ago, I started using Bitwage (2015). Yes, is some kind of KYC, but I don't care too much, they use anyways a bank account THAT IS NOT IN MY NAME! And I get BTC straight to my BTC wallet. Nobody will take them from me! Taxes? FUCK THEM! Who in the right mind is still paying taxes anyways?!
Then after a while I start pushing my client TO PAY ME IN BITCOIN!
This is the fucking key: demand to be paid in BTC. STOP buying BTC.
100% agree. I'm busy starting my own business and will promote bitcoin payments. That way I'm less reliant on buying bitcoin.
I'm going to give this a try. Thanks!