If pressed, I believe any government will resort to theft (debasement) to ensure their continued survival.
Just because a country uses a Bitcoin accounting standard, does not make it impossible for them to fractionally reserve or print paper bitcoins, or to loot the banks and exchanges that custody bitcoins.
In a full Bitcoin world there's no such thing as "government". Is already obsolete. It doesn't make sense.
And then come the question: WHO will start the wars if there's no government? NOBODY. Because starting a war is fucking expensive for an individual, no matter how many BTC will have. Remember, are limited.
Wars ALWAYS were started by govs with YOUR money. Stop paying their war bills.
Sure, let's assume government is obsolete. But there are still groups of people united by a common creed that will choose to employ aggression and violence as a strategy to compete for resources.
Humans do wars. Its what they do. Even when they had to mine for gold to fund them. Heck, many soldiers fought for no wage at all, just on the promise of a glorious afterlife. I don't think adding a new scarce resource for people to compete over (i.e. BTC) is going to fundamentally change that.
It'll take a while before we have a "full Bitcoin world" and it's the in-between time that I'm wondering about.