I like the functionality but don't think it's something bitcoin desperately needs right now or even in the next few years. I say add it on Liquid for the minority of people who would use it and lets move on from the debate

Haha! Adam Back said something similar but I think they are working on some other kind of covenants. Also, there's a chance for Litecoin to implement OP_CTV too and see how it works, as they did with SegWit.

LOL, well it would give some of us a reason to use liquid

, and we don't have to annoy wallets providers with changing their roadmap to support it for those who may not run their own nodes.

I'd also like to see if its live on a side chain so we can see how these exploits people talk about can be done, lets battle test this one in real time

I had no idea they still do work on litecoin lol, colour me shocked.