I like CTV, but I don't think it has to be activated right this minute. The good thing about this debate is that it got a lot more people to actually look into the soft fork. Most people don't keep on top of new developments on Bitcoin. It will take a while, but I think the right time to activate is when a lot of people are educated on the topic and its as uncontroversial as Taproot was.

I think that the Bitcoin Core devs really need to make more of an effort to clear up communication with developers outside their bubble. We don't want the code to be centralized around a small group of devs.


Just one thing: Bitcoin Core has centralized Bitcoin protocol implementation. That's a good thing as having many different implementations can be a serious challenge in regards of compatibility between them.

That said, I like core work and I respect their decisions to not include other proposals or developments in their code, but i definitely agree they should have better communication outside their bubble.

Also, I've read some proposals on bitcoin dev mailing list about creating new consensus mechanisms besides voting with your node. I will look forward on what this whole debate can generate in the future. Thank you for your comment!