For me it is bisq and seedsigner. Check them out if you haven't yet.


Explorers and Dashboards


  • Samourai Wallet (A really good privacy-focused bitcoin wallet with support of CoinJoin and PayJoin implementations built-in)
  • (An explorer that can be used to analyse any utxo and also track them. It's graph tool is really good and can be used to protect yourself from knowing if your wallet leaks information in a way that can be caught by chain-analysis companies)
  • (Another privacy explorer for bitcoin to know the privacy score of your coins)


  • fixedfloat (A custodial swap service that I use for swapping LN and on-chain. Really good service to swap by small dust and change utxos into LN bitcoin!)
  • RoboSats (Recently been experimenting with Robo sats which is a really nice p2p private bitcoin exchange that uses the lightning network)

There might be a few more small tools and services that I am definitely missing, but these are the ones that I use on a regular basis.

Bisq. Coldcard. Electrum. Sparrow.

There is a lot of stuff I haven't tested/used yet that should probably be on this list. There is probably stuff I have forgotten to add as well.

I use Zues and Umbrel significantly more than anything else.

Foundation Devices Passport hardware wallet FutureBit Apollo BTC miner Casa Umbrel Bull Bitcoin/Bylls ShakePay Bitrefill The Bitcoin Company

SBW is a great mobile wallet for On-chain and Lightning. Probably the most flexible wallet when it comes to LNURL.

Fold to get sats back when I spend fiat. You get a ton of sats back when you buy gift cards in the app.

Sparrow is an amazing desktop wallet. Awesome for coin joins, paynyms, and other privacy tools/techniques.

Umbrel is a good node OS. Really easy to use and its very flexible.

Zeus is a good mobile wallet that directly controls my Umbrel Node.

ColdCard is a great hardware wallet for any pleb. Compatible with a ton of wallets and ultra-secure.

I wish there was a way to bookmark posts within SN. These lists are great!

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