I have no opinion on whether the recent Argentina election results are real (when I use the word "real", I mean in the sense that the counting was not rigged). However, it's plausible that they are real. Poor people are voting for Peronists because they are dependent on government welfare. From a Reuters article on the election [1]:
"Many blamed the Peronists, but Massa - a moderate - had shot back that the government's social safety nets and subsidies were key for many hard-up Argentines, including a recent stunt showing how train and bus fares could rise sharply if he lost.
That message seems to have hit home.
"Peronism is the only space that offers the possibility that the poorest of us can have basic things at our fingertips," said bricklayer Carlos Gutierrez, 61, as he went to vote on Sunday."
An excellent example of government welfare inducing a drug-like dependency, which then reinforces the politicians in power.