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Also, Snowden with some additional insight: https://twitter.com/Snowden/status/1444716805986082816

I'm told by the reporting team this is the biggest offshore-finance leak—and journalistic collaboration—ever.

They expose the intentionally concealed finances of 35 world leaders and 300+ other public officials in 90+ countries.

...and they aren't finished.

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I only read this to learn how to do it later. Legally of course.

I don't know when high taxes became equivalent with moral good.

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Mr. Robot was foreshadowing.

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Wait, who are the shadowy ones again?

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We are!

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Yay, our lead idiot is also involved there.

On the other hand this is a good lesson in financial privacy - and unfortunately shell companies are one of the best ways to achieve it, but it's just not accessible to middle or lower class. Let's level the field.