What hardware do you run your bitcoin node on? E.g Raspberry pi, Intel NUC, AWS/Azure etc


Two Rpi4 they do the job, looks good with cryptocloaks cases ! Mini PC with Linux are perfect as well.

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Rasperry Pi 3b but I want to switch to a faster device. I'm thinking about buying a refurbished mini PC.

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Protectli Vault

I originally got it just to install OPNSense firewall on it, but realised that with Proxmox installed, it can quite easily run 2-3 small VMs, including a node box. Quiet and efficient.

Oooh cool, never heard of that one before!

I hadn't either until I saw it on @k3tan's website!

Do you have a link?

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I think it was in this post where I first saw it mentioned and started looking into it.

A computer that I have physical access to.

Yeah but what kind of hardware is it? I've hosted all my nodes on RPIs but I've heard that a lot of people are happy with e.g the Intel NUCs so I'm trying to figure out what hardware to buy for my next node/node upgrade

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Raspberry Pi 4.

An old pc running Linux.

One runs on Rasberry Pi. Another one runs on HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini

Ooh, the HP EliteDesk looks slick. Are you happy with it?

Sorry for the late reply. Yeah it’s been good so far. Running Ubuntu server edition.

Proxmox VM on a distributed cluster. Allows me to live migrate the VM to another server without missingb a single CPU cycle or network request.

Nice! What does the distributed cluster look like, do you host all of it at home over multiple servers? Or is it all remote cloud?

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Cool, what specs is it configured with? Are you happy with it?


I imagine it's Raspberry Pi or old, sorted out laptops for most people, but AWS? In my mind this would be a little against the spirit of Bitcoin due to lack of self sovereignty and dependence on other entities - but maybe I'm just unaware of it / never heard of that due to statistical coincidence.

Yeah I added it in case someone actually did host their node on a corpo cloud. I obviously agree that that's not a good or smart way to do it

Not everybody has the same needs or skills and its not for the free to judge the choices of others' freedom.

Sovereignty includes, one hopes, the choice to cede it in certain areas of one's life.

You probably haven't heard of Voltage then.

Indeed, goes against the spirit of self-sovereignty.

At the same time, the fact this type of service exists probably tells that most people don't care about this aspect.

Raspberry Pi 4b Raspberry Pi 400 Windows PC