I wasn't talking about you and other SN devs that we already know you are using different accounts to post specific stuff.
Don't be a coward now Darth, stand by your words! :)
Just kidding, it's all in good faith here. But I really do use anon to hide myself from some "personal" takes since I don't want to associate myself necessarily with these views publicly. So
I was talking about those regular stackers with a SN account that are (ab)using the anon feature to post stuff that could be opposite or affect their regular SN account reputation.
Is indeed exactly what I am doing :) I can understand your view, I just don't agree with it. Your stances on (the importance of) privacy are just different and that's fine :)
But I think you should call me a coward now and don't back down! Say the words Darth! lol
That means they have two faces, personality disorder. Why would I take in consideration such things?
Everyone has already multiple faces imo. Some things you say in public, some not. Some things you only say as anon, some you don't mind posting under your nym.
Everyone has already multiple faces imo.
Yes, but those are only 2: public and private. Not multiple faces in public. Only politicians have that.
DarthCoin is a public face, to protect the private one. My private face is another one. But the private one NEVER comes online, it just stays in private, at home and/or in his private life.
Think about this:
  • you go to work, to an office and you dress accordingly and wear a specific hat. All for public image and use.
  • you came home and undress those clothes and hat and put your warm home clothes. You come back to your REAL you, the PRIVATE one.
This is the problem nowadays, people cannot make the difference anymore between public and private. All start by reading this excellent blog - to understand these aspects.