Get another 5-9 job. 12 hours of work per day, 8 hours sleep, 4 hours remain for commute, chores and feeding. Bonus if you're self employed for the second job, because you can directly affect your top line earnings by working harder/more effectively. Extra bonus if you work remote because you can probably do multiple jobs at the same time.
Doing Uber is actually just a way to withdraw on the value of your vehicle. You will depreciate the car faster and the earnings from gig work barely beat minimum wage after expenses/depreciation.
Doing micro tasks, or shitposting for sats is a waste of time if you are an able bodied person who can read/write english. There are greater opportunities abound.
Instead of wasting time with gig work or wasting time hoping strangers will tip you a few pennies, focus on gaining skills. Skills people will pay you for. Possibly skills you can do remotely.
That's great advise I appreciate it thank you!