"I always used BTC as money and I use it all these years, wherever I could pay the merchant directly in BTC, especially when they didn't have any intermediary."
I share the same view; I try to pay for everything with Bitcoin if I can. However, I'm not in a place where I can use Bitcoin for literally everything, and sometimes I wonder if this is going to be the "new normal" in my lifetime (I consider myself old). Where I'm from, there's little to no adaptation, and I can also say this in general terms: it's not easy to convince older people to adapt, and it's not easy to explain. When I try, people just don't care because "they won't pay their bills with it" or "it's too much work".
I find myself in a loop sometimes, trying to explain everything as simply as I can, but family and friends just give up. I've been trying since 2014, but nothing works. They're already shaped by society's standards.
Obviously, I don't force it onto anyone. I want them to study and learn before anything else. I'm doing this with my kids too, and I'll let them make their own decision, like everything in life, of course.
Also, thank you for sharing your substack, some cool stuff there!