Alby is your companion for all things bitcoin on the web. Alby’s mission is to enable consumers and developers to interact with the Lightning Network - the future protocol of money – on the web.
Our flagship products are a versatile Browser Extension for the Lightning Network to serve as the bridge between wallets and web applications and an API to integrate Lightning payments into any mobile or web app. For three years Alby has enabled developers to build the application layer on top of the Lightning Network. Together with a vibrant open source community we created many more use cases that were never seen before. Now we want to build even bigger things in the next three years.

Whom are we looking for

Alby provides an opportunity for an ambitious lightning and backend engineer. We value clear communication and proactivity. If you are open-minded and solution-driven; if you have a startup mentality and focus on collaboration, if you strive to continually improve yourself and your team then Alby is for you. Together with you we want to bring Alby to the next level.


  • 3+ years of experience with Go: our backend stack is written mostly in Go, with the most important example being LNDhub.go
  • 2+ years of experience with LND and its ecosystem: Thunderhub, Terminal, etc.
  • 2+ years of experience with Kubernetes, Helm charts and Github actions
  • Experience with Docker and the Kubernetes ecosystem
  • Experience with Terraform or other automated configuration management frameworks
  • Experience in maintaining and monitoring high availability systems
  • Strong understanding of the Lightning network
  • Experience operating high availability lightning nodes
  • Experience in working in a startup environment
  • Strong sense of being an owner and wearing the customer shoes to identify requirements and priorities
Bonus points:
  • Knowledge in other programming languages/ecosystems: Ruby, JavaScript/TypeScript, Rust
  • Good hands-on knowledge of PostgreSQL
  • Experience building lightning tools (e.g. with LDK, CLN, Eclair, etc.)
  • Experience with building Nostr applications
  • Open Source mentality and active open source contributor


  • Build infrastructure able to handle 100🚀million Lightning payments per month
  • Ensure uptime, manage liquidity and install updates for our Lightning nodes
  • Managing and scaling our backend services (Golang, Ruby, JavaScript)
  • Help us to build non-custodial Alby accounts
  • Lead software and architecture designs and reviews
  • Establish and demonstrate good testing, deployment and production monitoring practices
  • Hire, mentor and train new team members

Why would you join Alby?

  • Great culture, open and supportive team environment
  • Contribute to the open source bitcoin ecosystem
  • Work remotely from where and when you like
  • Learners fund - extra budget for learning and development (conferences etc.)
  • Regular team and company/community offsites
  • flexible hours and compensation terms

Starting time: as soon as possible
Can recommend the alby wallet!
Growing fast !