Yes, works the same. All merchants that already accept BTC should do this. And give good discounts for those that pays in BTC, BIG VISIBLE for the customers:
  • you pay in Bitcoin, get 10% discount
  • you pay with VISA, get a 5%+ on top of the price
  • you pay in cash, price remain the same
So the NPC will realize the advantage of paying with BTC. Make them THINK.
I pay all my groceries in BTC. I get 10% discount for life, because I help onboarding him and the shop is willing to bring me whatever I want if I pay in BTC
Applying in my small business right now!
Applying in my small business right now! How ist the customer feedback so far?
Only a few regular customers are encouraged, trust is key. This year? About 100 customers took the orange pill, I tried to make them see how easy it is to get their first sats without investing by using some apps that operate in lightning, as well as how to install a wallet and trade fiat. About 8 or 10 of the bitcoinized customers finally buy products from the store, but they usually do it regularly
That sounds great! Keep on doing this :)