I was thinking blocktime might be more helpful, and I guess oldest channel would validate when the node was known on network, so that'd be right.
I think the oldest channel might be more helpful to most users. I was thinking this as a selection criteria because it may be less likely with nodes having reputation from age, similarly to how it's used on some node ranking.
Guess color or alias would not be so useful, unless some edge case where maybe there could be secret criteria to open channels, or if users use implementation or protocol in it [lnd] [cln] [tor] ..
I'd like to run this, thinking if I can get it to start up as systemd / systemctl service. Would be good this way for integrating install guides into raspibolt, minibolt.
I agree it would be useful to have that field, I'll add it in the next release.
Running it with systemd is pretty straightforward, simply download the binary or compile it yourself (give it execution permissions) and create the following service with sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/acceptlnd.service
[Unit] Description=AcceptLND Wants=network.target Wants=lnd.service [Service] WorkingDirectory=/home/<user> Type=simple ExecStart=/home/<user>/acceptlnd User=<user> Restart=always RestartSec=60 KillMode=process [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target
And then sudo systemctl enable acceptlnd and sudo systemctl start acceptlnd.
Doing a guide for Minibolt and Raspibolt is a great idea, I'll open an issue on their repositories to see if they are ok with it.
Thanks for that. Upgraded go and got the service running.