The need to write this tutorial came in mind to enable digital creators to easily sell their creations. Create a digital good take a lot of effort and selling it, will probably require equal or higher energy ad tools.
Here for you few simple steps to sell your digital item(s)

0. Creation

I believe you have done this already and the process you used it's probably unique. Congrats completing this step and doing something that will be useful for people, globally.

1. Packing

Once you created your item(s), compress the files or folders as a zip file, you can find multiple ways to do it. The easier is always right-click > Compress... and works on any computer. If your creations are made on mobile/tablet, well, it's a bit different, and we'll dive into this topic with another tutorial in the future. Just make sure you write a comment below to let me know you are interested!

2. Upload your file

... on the internet to make it available for buyers to download. In this case, there's also multiple ways to do it, both centralized and decentralized. The most logic those days are:
  • ๐Ÿ”ฎ [CUSTODIAL] its' anonymous and your file will stay online until the service is up and running. To support the project, you can also sign up for a paid account and easily manage all your files in one place
  • ๐Ÿงฟ Agora [NON-CUSTODIAL] can be installed on your Lightning node, it requires LND and if you are running umbrelOS it's already available to install for you and also support Tor links.

3. Write your AD

... on the ~Agora territory, the SN P2P Marketplace! In this territory, plebs, stackers, cowboys and maxis come together anytime they like to exchange valuable items publicly!
My main recommendation is to start from your post title prepending (add at the beginning) it with one of the following tags and provide a better experience to everyone.
  • [BUY] if you are looking to buy something
  • [SELL] when selling anything
  • [OFFER] if you have a service you'd like to share with the community
  • [HIRE] when you are looking for professional help
  • [AUCTION] when the buyers can make bids, it still a mystery to know how to do it, butr the one in need will figure out the solution
Please also remember that the more info you add, the better experience your buyers will get. So also consider adding:
  • PICTURES: at least one* (in the meantime SN build a nice way to add a gallery)
  • PRICE: add a second tag in the title like [1BTC], [21 sats/timeframe*] (where timeframe could be hour, day, month, year) or [FREE] in case of giveaway items.
  • INCLUDE a way for buyers to get in touch (possibly anonymous, my suggestion is to use nostr NIP-05 like or your npub, so you can keep a communication thread with the buyers via nostr DMs in your preferred nostr client - and here some ways to get a NIP-05. Alternatively, an email alias service like this. (AVOID temporary emails services). SN comment notifications are great, but not always effective!
  • PHYSICAL items are allowed, but please consider an international shipping provider and always make sure the buyer is aware of the shipping costs before closing the deal.
  • !IMPORTANT: NEVER EVER share personal details on SN
* Optional

4. Get paid

ideally in sats: here again we have multiple options:
  • use a nostr NIP-07, it works like LNaddress, but the advantage is that you will NOT pay 1sats to deliver the download link. Buyers ca also always DM you for further questions, and in this way you build the relation and trust with them. The most precious thing you can do, because they will be probably happy to refer you in the future. Keep this in mind!
  • via SN wallet it's easy and allow you to keep everything in one place, just share your so people can pay you (also via SN > Wallet > Withdraw > LN address check this link so you understand how your buyers will pay you)
  • share any other LNaddress, make sure is linked with a wallet that supports keysends visualization

5. Shipping

Once payment is received, you need to deliver your item, and thanks to nostr or the Lighting network. if you shared a npub or NIP-05, it will be easy, because you already received a message from the buyer, so you just hit the "respond" button after pastig the link in the message field ;) if you prefer Lighting keysends, you can send a message when paying back 1sat to the buyer via SN > Wallet > Withdraw, insert the LNaddress of the buyer and that's it! May other Lightning wallets use this feature, but is not commonly used yet.
  • for PHYSICAL Pack your item safely and make sure it will be not damaged. In case of a local delivery you can always use a Dead Drop / DLB, it's a great anonymity is guaranteed. DO NOT forget to get paid before shipping/deliverying, you can always refund in case anything goes wrong!
That's all stackers... Happy Selling!
This is super cool, Thanks for writing all this!
We have been exploring way and one of the most recent one is a custodial wallet, LifPay... it allows creating templates really easily. It works in two simple steps as follow:
  1. Creating
  2. Sharing with Buyers
It's fully anonymous and also provides a random LNaddress, ours is We have no affiliation with the service, we just like it!
The link to download the file is available to buyer only after payment is successful. You can try it yourself from here
You won't believe how simple it is to sell something for BTC lightning with MagicWebstore:
Someone that knows more than me would have to tell me how purely non-custodial and trustless the whole process is, but it works.
Oh my goodness, I wish I have read this before I childishly tried to sell my e-book.
This will level up my game! Thanks!
Is never too late! You can always post a new improved one!
stackers have outlawed this. turn on wild west mode in your /settings to see outlawed content.
how do you annotate a tag in your message? [butseriously]
... annotate a tag in your message... ๐Ÿค”
Not sure what do you mean... #hashtags? it will be cool here on @SN too! With [THIS] syntax, I just wanted to make explicit and humanly readable for people to understand what to expect inside the post.
It's more eye-catching, tag is always one word only... as you can see, if multiple are used together it becomes hard to read
I like CamelCase ๐Ÿช... true is I'd like to keep the umber of tags really mimal, for example, I think this one is unnecessary? Does really a question needs an intro tag? NO, because the ? already does the job
Really well done. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ‘
@delete in 1000 days
Really well done. ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ‘