Howdy there, partner! In this here tutorial, I'll try to be your trail guide, leadin' you through the process of rustlin' up some downright irresistible service offers within the ~Agora territory on @SN. It don't matter much if you're a seasoned bitcoin wrangler or a greenhorn pleb just joinin' the game, these tips are aimed at helpin' you stand out and rope in potential clients. Don't be shy, nor fearful to toss your thoughts and experiences into the comments below; this whole shebang is experimental, and it'll get even better when you feed us with your feedback. Happy trails!

First things first!

Remember to prepend the [OFFER] tag in the title of your new service or skill posts!

Service or Skill post Format

When creating your service listing, highlight the uniqueness of your service. It took you or your team a great effort to reach here, and now you are at the peak of the mountain to scream to the world you just did it! Share it loud, honestly and transparently, there's out there plenty of people that is looking for you.

Start with:

1. Title and Tags: Crafting a compelling title that clearly communicates the service or skill you are offering it's hard, especially when you have a @SN character limit of 80! Again, remember to add the [OFFER] tag at the beginning of the title
2. Pricing it's an important detail to start building a durable relation with any potential clients that might find you in the ~Agora territory. Use then an additional optional tag that specify the price of your service or skill (e.g., [21M sats/21days], [2.1k sats/minute] or [2.1 BTC/project]) Be creative and avoid using boring fiat money, you deserve Bitcoin!
3. Detailed Description: Provide a thoughtful and detailed description for your service. You probably have already all the material, if not written yet, it's definitely in your mind. Find the highlights of your expertise, the patterns in your experience, and what sets your offering apart from everyone else.
4. Media Attachments: When applicable, include relevant media attachments, such as images, videos or samples showcasing your previous work or the outcome of the service(s) previously delivered.
5. Encourage Open Communication bing available to inquiries and questions about your service after you post your ad. Promptly responding to potential clients is a great way to build trust, but not enough. Also offer a way for them to get in touch with you privately. I always recommend using anonymous communication channels like nostr NIP-05/npub or an email alias service to protect your privacy.

Suggestions & Recommendations

A. Clearly Define Your Service: in a way that outline the specifics of the service and skills you're offering. Be clear about what clients can expect from you or your team.
B. Set Transparent Terms of your service clearly, including duration, deliverables, and any additional requirements. If you have a website with privacy policy and terms, share them also. It's always boring, but useful.
C. Highlight Your Expertise and showcase your skills and experience related to the service. Let us know why you're the right person tor it.
D. Continuous Improvement is done receiving constructive feedback. You'll not believe how much will help to improve your services. Adapt based on client experiences to enhance your offerings.

Promote Your Service

. Cross-Promotion it's an easy strategy to announce your service in other relevant SN territories as a link and maintaining the same title and tags format.
. Traditional promotion (I should not write this) through external channels like social media or newsletters to attract a wider and broader audience. Bullsh*t fiat strategy. Forget about it! Stay focus!
. Engage with Clients keeping the conversation going after the service is delivered. Discuss results, share experiences, and maintain a positive relationship. Ask them what you could have done better... without fear to get judged. Demonstrate your humbleness and the sats will come automagically back!
. Encourage Feedback after completing a service, inviting your newly tided clients to provide a review, ideally in the same post that initially engaged them. This will publicly build your reputation and helps future clients, because word-of-mought has always been the most effective strategy.

By following these steps, I hope you can create share your unique service offers and build lasting relationships with stacking clients in the vastness of the ~Agora territory and the hidden opportunities within. Remember, creativity and authenticity go a long way in standing out and attracting the right people around you.


What is a service that bitcoiners would be interested in it ?
For now, some office furniture had a lot of traction, and look's like Spanish classes and online courses are the winners.
However, only patience will respond to your question...
In the meantime, which service(s) or skill(s) are you willing to offer to stackers and bitcoiners?
graphic design and en/sp translations
Nice! Spanish translations services might be saturated already, but give it a try! It's wort to post it now for only 2 sats before it become more expensive in the future...
Very few posted about graphic design service here in SN. Be creative (I know you are) and create your first offer. You can read how to do it in our latest tutorial 👆 just up here ;)
Wow, thanks for guiding me, I'm definitely jumping on board 🤠