A utility to automatically claim Lightning Network HTLCs with revealed preimages.
This will automatically resolve HTLCs with preimages that your node has seen before. If you have multiple nodes, you can connect them to the same Redis instance to have a wider reach of known preimages.
This will happen on Lightning if an invoice is paid and then another node attempts to make a payment to the same invoice. If the second node routes through any of the same nodes as the first payment, any of the routing nodes may steal the funds before they get to the destination.
to be clear I'm not associated with this project at all, just saw it on SN awhile back. Sats should be forwarded to him.
Ohh, didn't realize it's from @midnight_orange. I just thought they posted it before.
Sorry, can't update anymore. I would have split 50/50 then though. Raising awareness about something is also very valuable.