As mentioned in my previous comment, in my opinion, ~Agora stands out as the most original territory among all others. Its founder, @mo, has consistently demonstrated an immense amount of proof-of-work in setting up the territory and effectively marketing it.
Reading the official posts is always a pleasure to my eyes due to the way he formats them and creatively adds colors (he has the skill to make TEXT really visually appealing 🤩).
I also found out today that @AGORA is using his bio comments as a platform to share stuff related to the territory. I love this approach myself. I'm unsure if he drew inspiration from me or independently reached the same conclusion (that the comment section of the bio is an excellent space for posting, a fact that not many stackers have yet realized).
I am excited to contribute to the growth of ~Agora territory as I believe it holds great potential. 🤠👍
Thank you for your comment. Look's like we are both exploring SN boundaries and possibilities here ;) Keep digging and let's see if we find something else!