Yes, do some basic searches on Mojeek in one tab and then do a search in something like Brave Search or Google in another tab for the same search criteria. Do this for a topic you already know or where you know the results you are looking for.

Mojeek just does not bring the right results. At least that was what my experience, after having it set as my default browser for a few months. I found myself in the habit of navigating to Google or whatever and then doing my search there if what I was looking for was going to be anything more complicated than like ... Oops, I forgot, ... is the domain for some site I want to use a .net, a .org, or a .co?

Exhibit A:

Search result #4 is for some therapy for mutliple sclerosis. #6 is about viagra. And it just continues downhill from there.


All results on the first page are related to the search term.

Hey from Mojeek, the difference is index size here, something we're working on; the algorithm in this case knows that these are not great docs to return but it's a case of pickingt the best of not a great bunch. This is 742,000 results compared to 3,890; building an index takes a while.

That's fair. And I really appreciate that someone from Mojeek responded here on SN.

I'll give it another try setting Mojeek as my default search engine. We do need alternatives to Big Tech and my employing Mojeek for search is how I can show support for this alternative.