Halving will probably happen in April, but I think they won't cut rates until June. Especially when their BS inflation metric aka CPI went up slightly in December 2023.
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Even with Jamie Dimon indicating he thinks they should cut in March. I know we as bitcoiners don’t care about Dimon but he has a lot of sway in fiat land.
I still don't think they will cut in March. It's just a hunch, I might be wrong. Who the hell actually know what will they do anyways? All this interest rate shit is all a joke, has no basis, and all decided on the whim of a few individuals anyways.
The halving, on the other hand, is entirely predictable and will definitely happen on block 840,000 with the block subsidy cut from 6.25 to 3.125. That is predictability, which allows people to plan for the future. Not this playing with the interest rate and change monetary policy on a whim type of fiat bullshit.
Sorry for the rant, but yea, my tea leaves tell me they will start to cut rates in June and the halving will come before the first rate cut.