That's helpful. I don't know if we will ever "absorb" PDFs but it'd make sense to somehow assist in copying formatting.
Well, it's worded poorly; What I'm after is the option to import the original text in all its glory (read spacing and writing style).
Yes exactly. What I'm thinking is maybe replicating style on copy-paste.
A step in the right direction, but the other things would really make it shine; Titles, numbers, concatenation and tabs!
We have


  1. and
  2. numbers
But I don't know what you mean by concatenation. Do you mean permanent editing? And by tabs you mean several documents that can be tabbed through?
One could have the whole post structured like this;
Each part has it's own title. Once you click on said title, the post essentially "opens up", displaying the accompanying text of that part.
The first title would "open up" like this;
The second title would "open up" like this;
We do that. It's not as obvious but titles get turned into a table of contents on SN.
Ah, are you referring to the BOLD CHUNKY TITLES?!, yeah, that's not what I'm referring to.
I was showing the pane to the right in the image. It's what you were calling "tabs."
Yeah, sorry but I don't see what you're after...
Image fees slap like a bitch.
I've never run into image fees. You must be uploading some chunky images. Our limits are super generous.
Hm, sucks to be Fabs, I guess.
Nah, Titles as in; being able to add a title to each part of the post,
I'm not referring to the possible formatting options on SN.
Example ;
  1. Bitcoin Mining (Text about Bitcoin Mining)
  2. Block Template (Text about block template)
  3. PoW and Nonce (Text about PoW and nonce)
Et cetera.
You essentially have the titles as tabs... At least that could be one way to implement it, could also simply be "part 1,2,3" and once you click on a given tab, you simply get to see a generic post-layout; Title and accompanying context.
Wait, let me take a pic, maybe it makes the part on "titles-as-tabs" clearer.