How do you become a developer in the bitcoin/alts space? any ideas to proceeding assuming I have intermediate knowledge of Python/ C++/ JavaScript? I am also familiar with basic cryptography like sha256/elliptic key etc
It really depends what you to want to work on. There are plenty of companies related to crypto looking for software devs, even junior. But 99% of the work in those company are not directly to crypto, let alone Bitcoin.
If you want Bitcoin only jobs opportunities, check here
If you are okay joining shitcoin companies like I did (don't do it if you really care about Bitcoin philosophy) you can check There are plenty of job platform like this, easily accessible with a DuckDuckGo search query.
The important parts in getting a job is to show that you understand all main concepts. There is a massive lack of software developer in general, even more so in the crypto space. Show that you have passion and you should be able to land something. Try to do some open source if you can as well.