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I LOVE the name!

pricing should be in sats not btc denomination

Oh hell yeah now I can get a handjob for sats

Looks slick. Good job. And love the name.

Any plans of organizing posts by country (or at least, shipping country)? Not all of us are in the US ;)

Yep. If there are enough listings to require separating them, I'll do so.

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This has potential i hope he will keep working on it.

This is not even remotely close to a Craigslist clone.

I don't think I ever used craigslist when it first came out, but eventually in the late 2000s I did. I think categorizing things greatly helps the usability and attractiveness of a service like classified ads. Having everything populate in one page hurts my eyes and my brain.


Things will be categorized if it gets to a point where there's too much clutter. Now with only six listings, I'll lay off that development atm.

Appreciate the feedback!

Very cool idea.

That was once called silk road.

yeah this is not impressive. i recommend using https://t.me/bitcoinp2pmarketplace for now

Why do you recommend that for now?

because it is very easy to communicate with users and edit posts. sellers can't even edit or remove posts from that site