Every AI platform offers unique features, from Claude’s focus on safety and reliability to LLaMA 2’s versatile modeling capabilities. Which one do you find yourself gravitating towards more often?
• Google Bard • OpenAI ChatGPT • Anthropic’s Claude • LLaMA 2 • Other (Please specify)
  1. Primary Use and Potential for Bitcoin Integration: What is your main reason for using these AI platforms? Do you think integrating Bitcoin would enhance their utility for you?
  2. Satisfaction: How satisfied are you with the conversational abilities of the AI platform you use most often?
  3. Accuracy of Information: How would you rate the accuracy of the information provided by your preferred AI platform?
  4. Privacy and Surveillance Concerns: How concerned are you about privacy and surveillance issues when using your preferred AI platform?
Google Bard33.3%
OpenAI ChatGPT33.3%
Anthropic’s Claud0.0%
Llama 20.0%
Other (Please specify)33.3%
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I have only tried Google Bard and ChatGPT so far.
I am less impressed with ChatGPT as time goes on. Maybe because I use ChatGPT 3.5. I used these AI bots mainly to proofread my writing - and there have been times when ChatGPT just throws my work back at me without any suggestions.
I find Google Bard an excellent proofreader because it takes the initiative to tell me why it makes certain word choices. Typically, it will put forth other words to make my writing more evocative/dynamic/packed with sensory details. Of course it has its biases and sometimes I don’t agree with its suggestions. Even then, I get to know what the common words used in my context are - and whether I should use them or come up with something more original.
I even have a Note document on my iPhone, in which I faithfully copy and paste some of Bard’s suggestions.
What's your opinion (and your school's opinion) on student's using Bard & ChatGPT?
The quality of my answer will depend on how many sats you will award me
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Well, that's a new one!
328 I guess.
Any reason for this?
I’m just kidding haha
Well I wanted to zap something that is higher than the 280 favoured by some Stackers and ends with 8.
8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture.
We have a saying that says 好事成双 (good things come in pairs), so that’s why the middle digit is 2.
Well, I can’t be zapping 228, so 328 it is. While stocks last haha
Same. So far I lean toward Bard, but Google!
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Mistral. More specifically the Dolphin fine-tunes.