It's clear Nic has a massive ego and he's doubling down.

IMO this is his transition to a16z type VC grift using sh*tcoin PnDs to scam retail noob investors.

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This is an excellent essay, and a model for how to make the case for maximalism 👏

I’ve been frustrated watching a lot of the influencers either defend Carter’s stance due to their personal relationship, or double down on mocking him. Pete Rizzo’s approach is refreshing: he takes Carter to task for his argument’s shortcomings without personally attacking him, thus leaving the door open to see the positive case for Bitcoin maximalism.

why is a drama piece like this in forbes? this is an embarrassment to everyone involved

This is an instant classic.

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I think BTC maximalism, like this article, is terrific. The often celebrated toxic maximalism and cult-like behaviors are annoying and IMO turns off 2 potential bitcoiners for every 1 person they "protect" from shitcoinery.

Maximalism is alive, well & necessary

Great explainer of the controversy surrounding Nic Carter. What's your take @k00b?

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I agree with Rizzo. Nic is lashing out undeservedly IMO - he's been duplicitous. Once, building a platform on maximalists and playing coy about his altcoining ("oh this VC firm I'm in makes altcoin investments"), and when faced with some fair blowback, disowns the group. Given how smart and measured Nic usually is, I can't help but think something else is going on and this "fight" is just him blowing off unrelated steam.

There are many flavors to maximalism and I personally line up pretty well with James O'Beirne's flavor.

Can we make a rule where people who have told OG bitcoiners that bitcoin is not "real money" up until 2020 are not allowed to be maxis?

Bitcoin Minimalism, speak less, stack more

stay humble. Stack sats.