Farmers are humble know-it-alls, with an enviable work ethic and wide ranging skillset. They plant for the future, are criminally undervalued by society and are extremely resourceful with both their hands & time.
It hit me this week that there is really no other occupation quite like a farmer in society. They need to know plenty about everything. From plant biology to soil chemistry, waste management to transport, mechanical engineering to electrical engineering, mathematics to people management, negotiation to commodity markets, weather to animal welfare. They are professional generalists - which is a unique skillset in today's over-efficient world. But it does remind me of another path.
The job of a farmer reminded me of the thankless job many bitcoin (core) developers do. Working long & hard for the fruits of their labour, which they may not directly benefit from themselves. In this case swapping physical thankless labour often at low margins (as farmers) for mentally-demanding thankless labour with smaller pay/grants (as Bitcoiners).

Similarities - Farmers vs Bitcoiners

Below is my attempt at making the comparison between both types of work:
🧑Care for animals & natureCare for humans & time
🎁Generous with other workersGenerous with other contributors
πŸ’ͺHumble lifelong learnersHumble lifelong re-learners
🀝Honest figures in todays local societiesHonest figures in future global society
πŸ”€Adaptable to negative conditions & circumstancesAdaptable to new innovations & network forks
πŸ•‘Incredible at time managementIncredible at time storage
πŸ’ΌMarket minded to create profits for storesMarket minded to create infrastructure for new businesses
♻️Adopt nature's flywheel: soil > grass > animals > waste > soilAdopt human flywheel: price > trust > users > ux / hashrate > price
πŸ€“Knowledgable in engineering, chemistry, markets, people, persistenceKnowledgable in engineering, cryptography, math, security, privacy, econ, markets, liberty
😠Persistent & not discouraged by local regulationPersistent & not discouraged by global regulation
πŸ’©Working around sh!tWorking around sh!tcoins
🚜Confident & driven'Toxic' & driven
πŸ”§Learn by doingProof of work
🌐Welcome local competition for sharing best seeds & varietiesWelcome global competition to make the network grow larger
πŸ“–Experts in hiring specialist contractorsExperts in attracting open-source contributions
🧠Problem solvers at heartProblem solvers in head
πŸ—“οΈLong-term plannersLong-term time preference
🌩️Mindful of generations & legacy of land / foodMindful of generations & legacy of freedom / money / commerce
πŸš€See-through jobs until doneSee-through work until shipped
πŸŒ…Physically demanding, lonely thankless workMentally demanding, somewhat lonely thankless work
πŸ’°Resourceful & receive less investment than supermarketsResourceful & receive less investment than fiat / altcoins
πŸ‘‹Strong hands'Diamond' hands
πŸ‘£On feet most of day, lots of staminaAt desk most of day, lots of persistence
🌴Stewardship of local landStewardship of global freedom
πŸ“‰Undervalued by localsUndervalued by world
P.S. I'm sure I've missed a bunch of skills that farmers have - some of which are listed externally here.
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Are Bitcoin devs the new farmers?
hell no..
β€œGod made a Bitcoiner” - someone will put that on a t-shirt one of these days
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Right?! Well, we can pool resources here and use AI to make a God made a Bitcoiner, that would also be cool.. a good use of AIπŸ˜‚
Excellent post. Farmers and Bitcoin devs will merge. As the Bitcoin plebs strive to run the computer while cultivating the planet, solar system...
I've read some comments that farmers don't know that much. The farmers in my family definitely knew a whole lot! Same with the watermen fishing, too. Renaissance man is a farmer, developer and more.
Specialization is a way to compartmentalized humanity in a way that allows deviants to mismanage resources.
You can be good at a certain aspect but you need to have a working knowledge of everything as the Trivium in education otherwise you get scammed.
Now: Devs the new farmers Soon: Devs the new Kulaks
Now that you mention it...
There was a moment during that period when chatgpt and the art AI tools came out big in public and everyone on social media had opinions about it, including a large chunk that were worried, opposed or disgusted by it, when I realized:
There is a non-zero chance that if AI is perceived (important word here) to be the cause for suffering or economic upheavel, the devs could be the new kulaks.
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This analogy is not far fetch
Probably is
The diamonds hand and strong hands point is my major take home comparison
I like bitcoin but I don't want anyone or anything to be "the new farmers". I like farmers.
Fair πŸ‘
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Some interesting comparisons there. Farmers are definitely not appreciated enough these days. Not sure they need to know all those things. Usually they specialize in one particular thing. An apple farmer doesn't need to be knowledgeable in chemistry or math. Maybe the mist basic if that's what you mean
Perhaps, but I was thinking of the typical farmer. A lot of dairy farmers know a lot about everything, inc. inputs & outputs. And they are constantly having to perform calculus to fertilize the right amount of crops or grassland, maintain nitrogen levels, rotate grazing areas, manage air pressures & energy needs, improve ph & protein in feed, move variety of machinery & animals, apply for investment grants, forward sell produce back to the market. Not to mention shave off minutes in their days to become more efficient, by expanding or upgrading operations. Maybe I’ve become a bit too obsessed with farmers of late, but they are underrated heroes.
Farmers do read a lot. Farmers have a good general knowledge of many subjects. Successful farmers increase knowledge to understand as much of the world as possible.
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Some might....
I know a few that know one thing really well, and then not much else about everything else.
I think the point here is that of excellence verses mediocrity. My 2nd cousin, a farmer, ran a small bank, ran a farm with his father, had bees, had automatic weapons, used explosives, grew corn, vegetables, raised hogs, cattle and horses, was a ham radio guy... He did a lot. This was in the 1980s.
His father lost his arm in the 1970s in a combine accident and wrapped up his arm and hitchhiked to the hospital.
If you base your knowledge on a small sample or a poor sample then the result will be skewed. The Sears company became very successful in the 20th century by selling farmers, pianos, weapons, books and all kinds of items a general store would not have but the farmers had the income and desire to obtain these items.
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I don't want to come across as though I'm looking down on farmers. We might be the ones having to learn all they know in the near future.
What I mean is that they might lack a bit of worldliness as they are local and are always working.
I understand. The nice thing about farmers is they don't get their feelings hurt very easily.
how about Bitcoin plebs πŸ€”
Similar vibes. But wonder if we can say the plebs work quite as hard as those in dungarees? And in such a thankless position?
Nice relations but nope the code for bitcoin works since the Satoshi client all the devs can stop today and the protocol will continue. And even if it stopped humans will just pΓ­vot to the next thing to exchange value while food is required for life.
I can vibe with this perspective as the two way of life have similar principles
No, and that's retarded. Didn't read your post. You don't understand bitcoin/mining.
that's rude, it's a good post
ok, my bad. I actually looked briefly at it again and am seeing I misread the post. I thought it said miners are the farmers. Devs I think is a bit of a silly analogy still, but not one that warrants any sort of derision. apologies to OP