Hey GigiDer, first of all thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion you have made a huge impact on my life! My question is in regard to the "conspiracy theory" that Bitcoin was created in a similar way that the Tor project came to be. People in positions of power realised that the current system is going to fall and they wanted to create an alternative which could grow organically for other individuals, companies and nations to eventually adopt freely over time. Hypothetically if the US created Bitcoin (of course it would be a small group of insiders only) and mined the first blocks (Satoshis bitcoin) then let it grow organically. Now when the world becomes hyperbitcoinised they can just come out and say: "Hey we have access to these keys", and thus would once again be the most powerful nation in the world. The world would once again be on a sound money standard and the global power structure would "stay the same". This is of course a very superficial summary of the main idea but I suppose you understand what I'm getting at. What is your opinion of this hypothesis?