Okay, so the actual source seems to Douglas Rodriguez who is the President of the Central Reserve Bank of El Salvador https://twitter.com/douglas_rdzf

The reason this source matters, is because the government of El Salvador could be saying things just to make them look good. Something like confirmation from chainanlysis or perhaps just time will tell a better story.

It's good to be skeptical. Which tweet exactly from Douglas says this? I had a scroll and couldn't find it.

So in the tweet you have to click a link to the media broadcaster who did the interview and on their twitter, they have a YouTube video in Spanish: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrHAqDONvTg

Hold on, I'm gonna look for a translation solution

Here's a sneak peak at the translation. https://pastebin.com/QrTGHN26

Cost me $17 but hey in the name of evidence gathering here we go: https://odysee.com/-en--FRENTE-A-FRENTE-5-DE-JULIO-2022:4

The interviewer's name is Jose but the transcript says Joyce. I had to chuckle.

It was automatically transcribed and google translated. Would have paid way more for a manual transcriber and translator.

I admire those trying to get to the source of the information. Regardless of whether true, this has to 10x at least in the near future to be note-worthy.


Bitcoin Magazine

"[00:40:16:40] Remittances have grown by 3.9%.

00:40:19:36 00:40:24:69 [00:40:19:36] The cumulative amount is US$3,146, 000,000 received from January to May.

00:40:24:72 00:40:30:58 [00:40:24:72] A growth of 3.9%, which represents an additional 118 million dollars."

This is all I was able to find. Nothing specific about Chivo. Bitcoin Magazine needs to tell us where they got this data from.

It's sloppy journalism not to include your sources. Bitcoin Magazine can even simply reply to their own tweet with the reference if they ran out of characters. No excuses.

So here: https://twitter.com/BitcoinMagazine/status/1544359102935027714?cxt=HHwWhMCqgf-a1e4qAAAA

Ya'll keep getting your news from Twitter and its annoying lol. Now I wanna know what Bitcoin Magazine's source is.

I always get news from twitter. There's an official page of it, that's why I decided to post it. I also read that most Salvadorans don't use this wallet because it is too messy, and it is a custodial wallet. I don't know what you think about it.

Stahp it. Accounts get hacked, people have weird days where they feel like posting bullshit and even news articles sometimes correct the article after initial publishing to correct factual errors.

That's a huge sum πŸ˜ƒ

Compare this to sending money with Western Union in El Salvador

Maximum principal send amount is 7,500 USD or local equivalent per transaction. All send money transfers are subject to a 13% tax on charges. Senders must provide valid identification.

El Salvador’s new bitcoin plan could cost money providers like Western Union and others $400 million a year, says President Bukele