we'll ever need ₿ as a currency symbol if not for sats because Bitcoin is deflationary.
why would you need to display amounts in decimals when you can buy cars for 0.00051392 BTC? sats are all you need! it'll make less and less sense to display fractional amounts as the Bitcoin price increases.
no one uses ¢ today because cents are worthless. no one will need ₿ for decimals because 1 BTC will be worth a lot. poetic!
You make some good points, and I see where you're coming from. However, I have two main concerns:
  • It could confuse people.
  • More importantly, it's important to maintain the reference to Satoshi.
  • I get it, but it's not as confusing as it initially looks. $1 = 100¢, yet 1 BTC = ₿100,000,000. It's literally a million times easier to distinguish BTC from sats(₿)!
  • No need to stop calling it "sats" (we call it "dollar" and use $!). Also, Satoshi was the one who designed the ₿ symbol. Nothing honors his legacy more than using the currency symbol he has created!