I wouldn’t downplay your territory if I were you. Reason being:
  1. You need to have 100 followers before you can start earning on Medium. I don’t fancy going through the hard slog when I can immediately earn sats here
  2. You can apply for Google Adsense via your blog, but you will have to work hard at establishing a following before you start earning. The algorithms of Google Adsense are unclear. I sometimes earn one cent per day for my article but I don’t know what I do right to warrant that one cent. I don’t know how to upscale my efforts. It’s annoying.
  3. The formatting here at SN is fabulous. I frequently copy my articles here and paste them over on Publish0x. It’s amazing how the photos get transferred without a hitch. This territory has made me write more!
Pls keep up the good work
Thanks for your kind words, and your great content.