Social devolution occurs when a growing number of citizens, creative artists, entrepreneurs and politicians turn to old, outdated values that are perceived as bad. For example, a return to socialist values from a free society would be a classic devolution, a turn to the worse. The middle of a society, the supporting layer of a higher civilization, usually resists such devolutory processes. It takes to the streets, expresses its displeasure and tries to defend what holds or has held the entire society together: the values of meritocracy, values of advancement, self-confidence in one's own creative will and the general admiration derived from this. In this case, the ancient Greeks spoke of 'thymos', the striving for honor, and saw it, along with 'eros', the possessive principle, as one of the sacred psychagogical pillars of a healthy 'Polis' or city-state, deigned be human intelligence based on natural law.
Is 'It' Rising Again? We are experiencing such an expression of will these days in the form of erupting protests against the World Economic Forum and its interventionist control fetish. But despite the enthusiastic and truly impressive peasant protests, I have the feeling that Western-style society is facing the fate of the Titanic. It represents a sudden, but in principle predictable collision, a hidden suicidal desideratum that seems to be dawning on many a mind, floating away on the cloud of its ascendancy.
The Hidden Suicidal Desire With a precision that only an engineering society of the more highly developed type can achieve, the 'West' is heading towards an iceberg that we remember dimly from leafing through grandpa's family albums in yellowed photos, but whose reality, in our experience, has diffused into the pariah corners of this world, to North Korea or Venezuela. Eerily, almost 'Hitchcockesque', yet completely removed, communism has become fiction for us, a dark, fetid fog that stifles the desire for an individual lifestyle with crude brutality.
So far so good. But isn't it possible that we too have already been re-infected by socialism? Has this brain and soul virus possibly mutated and secretly taken up residence in us again?
I would say: yes, without a doubt! I call this disease infantile 'rainbow communism', which has succeeded in transplanting woke confusion, the dissolution of the meritocracy and the family as well as a giant state leviathan with a synchronized press into the place of bourgeois values. This cultural Marxism has successfully completed its march through the institutions that began in the late 68s of the last century and has infected people's minds and souls with dangerous narratives such as the climate apocalypse with a cleverly crafted program disseminated via the mainstream media.
Attacking Meritocracy It has also succeeded in disavowing the values of meritocratic bourgeois society and transplanting the mediocrity and infantile grumpiness of a dull state bureaucratism with a fetish for regulation in its place. This never-ending battle against the bourgeois middle class finds expression in symptoms such as 'Fridays For Future' or the 'Last Generation', whose attacks on works of art and bourgeois society express the fact that they have inherited the resentment of their parents' generation and are now waging their holy war against the remnants of the bourgeois world as useless parasites in taxpayer-funded NGOs.
Nests Of Hope The bourgeois world has not succeeded in repelling this attack by the stupid, the lazy and the corrupt. Let us hope that values of this great civilization survive in nests of hope (Florida?) defended with a libertarian iron hand, to be reactivated in the future when the smoke clears and a new generation of courageous, clever visionaries sets sail for the Hesperides of freedom.
Well said. It has to happen this way. For there to be something new, something has to die.
Humans have brains are amazing, but also running firmware that is 100,000 years old.
Hijacking that brain, that never evolved to handle a sedentary, agricultural existence surrounded by thousands of strangers in close proximity, has proven quite effective for state puppet masters, but it will eventually strangle the golden goose.