Hello Everyone! I have created a fedimint federation on Mutinynet with the prediction markets custom module I have been working on for a while. I have also been working on a client UI for it and would like to invite everyone interested to come check it out!

General Usage Guide

Client UI

Federation Invite: fed11qgqpcxnhwvaz7te3xv6juvfjx5hrzvfj9ccnswf68qcnwdp0qqqjpnd83jmv4v5mgxd25sfp94jg77lryvgg74mnme00npjz5x90yj3fw2ntss

Mutinynet Faucet

Send to yourself through lightning network bolt 11. I recommend everyone only deposit up to 1,000,000 msats to keep everything somewhat balanced.

Project Github Org

Thanks for looking and post your markets!
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My prediction about prediction markets blowing up (in a good way) this cycle might indeed come true 👀
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Will check this out tomorrow. Maybe we should join forces. I've released a MVP on mutinynet, too, but I want to use real sats within the next 6 weeks. See #422353.
When trying to send using LN wallet, I get Unknown coin bech32 prefix when copying the invoice generated in your client...
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The UI is actually a fork of webimint which has this behavior currently. The only balance that matters is the number at top. For now the transaction list doesn't work properly. The federation is on mutinynet ( a testnet ). Use the mutinynet faucet.
Wow, nice!
Why did you decide to use federation for prediction markets? I'm a PMs fanboy, happy to brainstorm this project!
Good luck bro
Building fedimint modules for prediction markets ( or any other use case) has a some big advantages, mainly:
  • The problem of custody and payment is already solved through the default modules
  • The federation can be built with a collection of custom modules making a single federation have multiple special abilities
  • Makes your app servers redundant. For example in a 4 guardian federation, I believe you could lose 1 guardian's server and everything would still operate normally
That's awesome, really great to see you progress on this. I think it's a great example for building modules and also a useful application on top of federations. I'm convinced DLCs alone are just too complicated to work in practice so something like this instead is encouraging.
Will brick fedi alpha
Will brink fedi alpha