Suspect Apple will just extend it out to other territories too. Not just EU.
Won’t believe this talk of Apple opening up and allowing side-loading of apps anytime soon. Their actions are showing a complete reluctance to do so.
Once censorship & takedowns on the App Store become more prevalent than today, people will eventually look for alternatives. Closed networks need to act like boa-constrictors to sustain their position, if running out of growth, like Apple are today.
I think this is just more malicious compliance by Apple. Their "solution" to DMA is a horrible, unworkable solution that will be fought in courts just as Apple intended. The PWA thing is just an extra FU from Apple. They could allow PWAs to continue as-is when created from Safari and have no solution for third-party browsers. Let's see what happens
Yeah, being stuck in the google/apple matrix is no way to go. Good if there are alternatives. I'm not in the EU, just don't think I'll ever buy an Apple device ever again.. not sure android is much better.