Okay, you did it. You took the plunge. You signed up for Stacker News either by stumbling upon it or through a referral link. Like this:
I realise that some of my referees stopped using SN after a while. I don’t know exactly why, but fret not, Sensei is committed to your success here. It’s a win-win relationship: the more you flourish on SN, the more I get forwarded sats from your activity.
I put myself in your shoes. You may be feeling intimidated by the prospect of territories and Stackers teasing one another in good nature. You want to join in the fun but don’t know where to jump on the bandwagon. Don’t worry. Sensei was once in your shoes. Here are three actionable steps you can take:
  1. Fill up your bio
See the “bio” icon. Write a short intro and announce your presence to the platform. It will turn out like this:
Sit back and wait for sats. Stackers are usually eager to welcome newbies. Use your sats to buy yourself some playing money as you familiarise yourself with SN. Then, deploy them as anchors to dig yourself deeper into the concrete of SN.
  1. Comment on “What are you working on this week?”
You want to post something but don’t know what to write. Why not make it a win-win situation by commenting on “What are you working on this week?” every Wednesday?
Declare your goals that week. This way, you don’t have to think much because you already know what you need to slay that week. Who knows, you might feel more motivated to accomplish them since you announce them to the Universe. And you will probably get some sats that particular week.
  1. Comment on the Stacker Saloon
Previously, I wrote about using the Stacker Saloon as a journal. Write about one thing that happened to you that day: #423010
My method may not be actionable advice for you. So here’s another way: pick something that you do every day. Post about your progress every day.
It can be anything under the sun. Stackers have posted about their mining rewards, push-up regimes, dishes, feel-good messages among others. Nothing is too obscure.
@cleaningup12 doesn’t really post in the Saloon but he posts a cleaning video to YouTube every day. So think. There must be something you do daily. Just stack the habit of SN commenting on top of this habit. Make your writing frictionless that way.
Conclusion So, my referees past, present and future, please don’t give up. Comment to get a handle on SN. Your proof of work will reap rewards. Generate some revenue for yourself. Make me rich. 🤑
Where do you mostly post your referral links? Other social media? Personal friends?
Erm don’t judge me but I crosspost on Publish0x, a platform where writers get tips on ETH haha
Well, the likelihood of an ETH-guy understanding the beauty of SN is probably higher than someone who never held any coins. So it's a reasonable approach.
They all end up coming back to the mothership ;)
The rule is easy: Add value to stackerNews with your comments and posts and it'll pay off
That’s right! But honestly value for value is a concept that I only find prevalent on SN. Do all Bitcoiners subscribe to this principle?
I have never felt better than here while contribute society
stackerNews makes us better
One can actually comment on anything written on SN. What he just needs is to press at 'reply'.... Hey beginners just read this comment and learn the 'art of commenting at stacker News'. BTW, ❤️👍👍👍👍👍for sharing a great post once again😜😜😜
That’s a pro tip. I hope my referees learn from you!
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128 sats \ 1 reply \ @teodor 19 Feb
Everyone starts by asking or even wondering what happens here, but then we all get used to it, as with anything new. Thanks for sharing it with newbies :)
Want to shorten their rite of passage so that I get more forwarded sats haha
Oh hey, you made a bio!
Finally got bothered by that orange hat haha
0 sats \ 1 reply \ @404 19 Feb
I wish somebody would drop a welcome comment on my profile :(
Commentstorming is the best training for a zapathlon!
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