Well, first thing first:

Congrats on being part of the 2.1% of the world's population hodling Bitcoin!

@Fabs recently ask What are you even gonna do with the money? and I was pretty surprised to see all the variety ad some constructive responses. However, look's like most of us does not have a clue, either plan much, nor (apart Saylor!) don't know what to do with all that damn stacked sats, just hoping one day it will be worth more, eh!
In my experience, I know that the most valuable thing we can do as human-beings is to create value, not only for ourselves, but (also) mostly for others. If you look around, at any moment in time or history, the most successful people were not looking to satisfy its boring ego to become rich -- whatever it means. Indeed, had instead a clear idea on how to satisfy a specific need for many.

Time is energy, energy is Bitcoin, right? Right?

My wonder came up from the other side and aim to ask yourself a deeper question. I believe that stacking sats is just a consequence of the amount of energy you are able to move within your community. I don't even want to think about how many people are still frying in a 9to5 job just for the pure sake of stacking more sats. Yes ok, it's comfortable, I get it, but it's really worth your time (in case your're still doing it!)? Are you really providing value to anyone out there?
This post originally started to ask a simple question: as per title. The intro is going a bit out of topic, but it serves as a base to help you understand your value, your skills, your knowledge can all be valuable to others. You just need to find the right way to offer it. We spend in this world of eternity a fraction of the universe time and if we want to leave a dent, we should put some effort to help others have a better future.
The ~AGORA initially aimed to help people to sell, buy, exchange, trade value, transfer energy out through whatever you'd may have to offer. It has easily turned into a boring bot, scraping the web for ads to better understand the classified word and this need that we have to sell crap that might useful to someone else. Those annoying [SELL] post that probably help @AG0RA reach the top-of-muted list. No worries, it's all just an experiment, a test, a MVP and as everything else (including @SN) it will be changing, thanks to your precious feedback.
Maybe all this is just another meaningless rant... Now let's go to the point. Last parenthesis (If you're still volunteering being a slave, please stop. Let's talk to the entrepreneurial mind that's hiding in you. The world needs you! And in case you stop already) I wanted to know from you, brilliant genius, charismatic soul engaged with your community:
  • what's the value you are providing?
  • what's your sales strategy?
  • how do you sell products and services and get paid in sats?
  • How do you engage with your audience?
  • In which countries?
  • IRL, Online? F2F?
  • B2C or ~B2B?
  • Do you do it transparently, paying taxes? or ...
  • Do you have to treat bitcoin as cash?
  • What's your biggest challenges trading with sats (not trading sats - trading with sats!) ?
I'm honestly surprised to see that I've hit some kind of nerve with that post; it looks like I'm not the only one asking that question in a quest of figuring out the next steps in life...
Many ask the same question, few find the response(s)! Considering life always have some surprises, it's hard to keep what's planned, especially for such long term timeframes.
Likewise, planning helps us reach the destination we aim to, just keep the plan handy and have a look at it often
As true as that is, one can greatly impact his life by making the right decisions at the right time- but what's "right" anyways?!
Making people smile and laughs! The most rewarding and enjoining thing I could ever do :D
Surrounding yourself with happy and enjoyable people is the best thing one ca do, does it matter what you do, you can always stole a smile and give your beautiful and unique one for free!
The best I can come up with is using Lightning Network sats just to get recognized and to recognize others while making the Lightning Network a very strong contender for sending tiny value back and forth.
I have stopped gaming my Fold card for sats rewards and I've just gone head over heals for Stacker News. So for me my sales strategy is cultivation of knowledge that is mine and others. Even when I don't have anything to say I can ignore posts that are just links and support posts where someone has made an effort to explain why XYZ dot COM is interesting.
And of course I can find an inspiring gem like this that makes me realize what I do like about getting paid in sats that are increasing in buying power.
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I'm glad you find this post inspiring and took time to share your strategy. I truly believe in the value added by the Value4value approach, and the more I embrace it and the more I get value out of it. Not just in terms of sats, but also as a personal satisfaction doing what I do best for others that are in need.
People think it's just applicable to podcasting, in reality it has become for me a way of living and enjoying every day. Knowledge it's a though one to deal with and rewards come back in the long term. Shouldn't be an issue for our low time preference
Yes. And the more we learn about Bitcoin, DIY , FOSS, and voluntary cooperation the more we benefit by the investment of time and the lowering of time preference.