@brandonsbytes One of my kids started learning it at 9 y/o and became a very proficient 3D modeller, animator and video editor. It really is the "everything" package. It can do so much! Hats off to the guys at Blender Foundation for their dedication and commitment over all these years! And, yes, it is incredibly technical and professional. It was, for many years, disparaged by those in the creative industry in favour of Maya (with many always professing "it's just for beginners to try out modelling and animation for free") until one day they could not ignore the elephant in the room, the genius it was capable of and what it had become. Also a few rogue VFX artists were, clearly, secretly dabbling in Blender in their spare time! ;-)
Agent 327 (as posted above by @03d1ebdca3) is a prime example of some of the films created in Blender. Here are some more. Alike has to be one of my favourites.
If you fancy learning, there are so many free resources out there and there is a huge supportive community. My son was was home educated, so he did have a decent amount of spare time on his hands to follow his own interests and passions. And he put many hours into his passion! :D
that’s incredible. hats off to your son! i will take a closer look.
If you are on the Blue bird X app there used to be a huge community on there (probably still is) #b3d or #blender3d were the go-to hashtags