I have a small group of friends who I talk with about Bitcoin. Other than that, I've strategically mentioned it to people I think could use it, but if they don't bite, then I haven't pushed the issue.
And at this point, I have enough of a stack that I'm starting to get concerned about OPSEC if and when BTC skyrockets to absurd heights so my plan if someone I've talked to about it in the past comes asking about it is to shrug and say something like, "I dunno, I never really had too much of that. Wish I had more now though". Something like that where I can at least encourage them to go get some. Someone I don't know who asks me about it will get..."Naw wasn't my thing." I personally think we're about at the point where we don't need to go evangelize this thing. The word should be out by now.
On the other hand, in my close friends' encrypted chat, it's almost nonstop, super-detailed Bitcoin talk right now.