For sale: a pic of my dog (I promise he’s 10/10 handsome 😄
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Thanks for posting in the ~AGORA. Is the picture printed and shipped, or just a digital jpeg? If it is, which resolution?
PS: I don't believe your doggy is handsome... I'd like a preview!
It’s shipped digitally with ⚡️speed and the resolution is Sony α7 III 6000x4000 unless I’m not remembering the specs correctly. A preview would ruin the experience!
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That's an interesting approach you having 🤔
So how do you expect to be paid? Can people reach you privately somehow? can't see any contact details in the ad
Do you really think people will throw away 21k sats for a mystery pic of your naked dog? or is dressed somehow?
Isn’t it! One can zap me the sats here, provide an email address and get delivered.